Sunday, January 3, 2010

Last night did not sleep well.. Slept in the morning.. Woke up at abt 3pm ++.. Then have lunch and clean up my rabbit.. After that went to Vivo to get deardear's necklace and my GV member card.. Had dinner at Vivo too..

School start tml... ZZZZZ! Anyway, i am very excited abt my birthday! a new WATCH!!! xD

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Today woke up at abt 12pm++ Went to Jurong with dad.. Gave out flyers at a few condos and went to close a deal at Boon Lay at abt 3.30pm..

I went to collect my cardigan! Is finally done! Is really nicely done! All thanks to Tet tailor!

 At 6pm a client called saying his gate is broken.. So we went over and check it out.. Who knows when we went he complain that a worker of our broke his wrought iron gate and demand us to repair for free.. Which is unreasonable becos he said that the man who broke it apologized and repaired his gate back but it broke after a few days.. In such case we will not take any responsible as you did not inform us that it was broken and was mended back and you only called us after it broken a few days later.. Also our man said he did not break it.. Is iron gate, how can it break unless is really old.. We can also assume u broke it yourself and whatsoever.. But in order not to mess up any relationship with our client, we came up with a solution whereby each of us pay half of the repair fee.. First, the owner should be at site during the any form of work to supervise and check if the work is done correctly.. Second inform us if any property is broken immediately.. Which is abt $80, but still the owner refuse and threated to sue us some more if he has to pay.. We told him that since both of us party did not know what really happen we just has to be fair.. He still accuse us that we will be profitable if he pay.. We were like -.-.. So we told him u want u pay if not sue if u CAN.. Lastly he say pay $50 but is too low and too unfair.. But my dad is too tired to argue so we settle the argument at $60.. The owner and i had a handshake and i apologized and went off.. Then i tried to called him to confirm the date of repair but he did not pick up.. I even sent him 2 smses but none was reply.. How ungentle man -.-

Friday, January 1, 2010

Finally a brand new year.. 01/01/10, the start of a 2010.. With this I want to do some changes to my life too.. I shall blog everyday to remind myself of the goals i have..

Today is 01/01/10.. Never go for any countdown or whatsoever.. Wanted to save money for my birthday present.. A new watch! Really look forward to it.. This morning i forgotted what time i woke up.. Went out to work with dad.. Visited a client at Seng Kang at block 209A, managed to close the deal.. Then went to plaza to eat and get food for deardear.. Then went to Rivervalley to find a client who did not want to pay for some reason after the work was done..

Ever since i started working along with dad, i have seen so many rich people.. Big cars and big houses.. Auntie or young lady driving Porsche, BMW and Merc..

After that we went on to Pacific Mansion, Yong An Park and Emerald Park to give out flyers.. By the way, this is how we get our business..

But half way it started raining.. And is difficult to continue our work so we sat down for a drink hoping the rain would stop but it did not.. So we went home and rest.. And is knock off for me..

Reached home, clean up my room, mopped the floor and clear my table.. Is a new year and i think some cleaning is needed.. Then went dinner at Chomp Chomp with deardear.. We had "lala", "gonggong", stingray and cuttlefish with "kangkong". A very enjoyable dinner of the first day of a brand year new.. We then walk to Serangoon Central as we still time before my dad comes to drive us home..

Alright.. This concludes my first post in the year 2010.. And is 55 more days to my birthday and to my NEW WATCH!!! Happy new year!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

5 months in 1 day...

Went to have a hair cut with deardear at JiWon at Wheel Lock today. And it cost us $65.. LOL! But is worth it.. Cos deardear really look so pretty after the new look..

After that went to DFS Burberry and deardear finally found a bag and she really loves it a lot.. So i bought it for her at $895.. Its for her birthday present.. So she can only use it like 3 weeks later.. LOL!

Received a F&B voucher of $50 at GoodWood Park for purchasing at DFS.. So we drove there to dine in for dinner.. But we couldn't use it cos we dine in for buffet when the voucher can only be used for ala-carte.. -.- There goes another $77.70.. Worst thing is i parked my car at ION and the parking fee is bloody hell $10 for just 3 hours!

GoodWood Park is a place for rich asses.. LOL! The atmosphere is nice, classic and grand.. We dined in at Coffee Lounge for their Taiwanese Porridge.. Their food is VERY NICE! We really enjoyed it..

Their porridge is really imba.. Is soft, smoothing and damn sweet! It worth it if you have that extra money..
LOL! After that we went home liao.. And i'm going to bed now.. LOL!

Very pretty hor? Thanks to Lois Park! Is a job well done! And of cos there goes my packet money i saved up in 5 month and is gone in just 1 day.. -.-

Friday, October 23, 2009


Its has been ages since i last blogged. Someone said I should blog and since I'm free then why not.

Something came to my mind again. I have been thinking about this for a long time. Which is how long can I live my life as it is now? For 19 years of breathing, playing, learning and rotting, is finally the time I think about my future. What kind of life should I lead? How can I live happily? And for what reasons to live? I don't have a healthy body to begin with. I should live as long as I can.

The thing that came to me again is my parents. How much time do I have with them? Only god knows. They went to China today, and I drove them to the airport. I know they will be back in just a week's time. But i can't help thinking that one day they will be gone, forever. And just by thinking, my heart hurts. In their room I saw a photo of them, my mum and dad. Which I had never bother looking at until today.

Few months ago I started working with my dad. Traveling with him around the country, understanding the way he works, the hardship he is going through and the things I never knew, which is his determination. My dad didn't even complete his Primary 1 education and yet he is able to support us with a average kind of life better than some people. As for my mum, my relationship with her has been very close. I even share secrets with her sometimes. We watch television programs every night. Because I want to spend more time with them. As much as I can. Sitting together, as a family, which never last forever.

I want to be their son as long as god allows me to. As I go further and deeper, the feelings of not willing to leave gets stronger. I know I have to overcome this someday and I have to. This is just the way of life. I love them, the ones that brought me to this world, a part of them, and carrying their blood.

They may be annoying, irritating, naggy and there are times when I wish they had disappear. But no matter what, I still cry when they are no longer around, no matter how much I hated them for whatever reasons. No matter how useless I am, they still loves me. They give me the best they have, they open up door ways for me and they sacrifice their time for me to grow. This is how noble parents are. The moment they had me, our hearts and life are joined together, for life. They cry too when they leave and so will I. And they never stay long, I have to treasure the time i have now before its too late.

Rainbow is beautiful but it doesn't last. Just like our life.

I love you daddy and mummy. Pls take care over at China.

LOL! Okay.. Dunno what to do liao.. Later going Compass Point to buy our food supply with deardear.. I will be DRIVING there.. LOL! Now I think I should go take a nap.. Continue again tonight..

*make a dream, dream about that dream and fulfill that dream.*